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A King’s Game

“Greatness is on display and we are all witnesses.”

You fight for what you want. Go out on the court and make big plays, defend the rock, and play your heart out. It’s the time to either put up or shut up. No room for mistakes, you’ve got to give it your all. In order to be the best, show them that you are the best. You take the win because it’s yours.┬áIt’s game six, tensions are high, egos are big, and now it’s all or nothing.

It’s a slow start that quickly snowballs into a dominated first quarter by the Cavaliers. Lebron James, Tristan Thompson, and Kyrie Irving will have the first points of the game. Cavaliers show that they’re not here to play games very early as Klay Thompson has his first turnover, ball stolen by James resulting in what would be his first but the last dunk of the night giving them an immediate 6-0 lead within minutes of the opening. From there is was major play after major play. Richard Jefferson follows suite with a steal from Andre Iguodala to improve the lead to 8-0, but there was still more to come. Irving would shoot his first three pointer of the night, going on to block Harrison Barnes with James on the rebound and another astonishing dunk. J.R. Smith shoots his first three for the night, with two more two point jumpers from Jefferson and Irving handing out an 11 point lead with 3:53 left in the first quarter. But James and Thompson would give one more colossal play as James assists to Thompson to make a massive dunk. The Cavaliers would end the quarter with a 20 point lead, 31-11, and never look back.


Returning back to the court, Irving opens up the start of the second quarter with a three point jumper to be followed by a three pointer from Stephen Curry, who was very quiet in the first. The Warriors seemed to be attempting to make a comeback and make up for bad plays as they were able to draw fouls from Kevin Love, Richard Jefferson, and Iman Shumpert who all had three fouls each. Iguodala would enter back into the game, and within minutes make his first three, helping the Warriors to bring the deficit down to eight. Curry would finally make an appearance in the game and begin to find his rhythm making three three pointers, but was still unable to keep Irving under wraps. Even with the Warriors slowly catching up, the Cavaliers were still able to make big plays. Thompson would seal a double-double, with 10 rebounds and 11 points, after and assist from James and two point shot, trailed by a defensive rebound from Jefferson and driving layup from James. At halftime the Warriors trail behind 59-43, as Irving lead the Cavaliers with 20 points.

From the first two quarters, it was clearly shown that no matter what there was no way game six would be the end. Minutes into the third, Thompson would yet again make the rebound off a missed shot by Irving to set up for yet another dunk from James. Smith would appear again with another three putting the lead back to 22 with 10 minutes left in the quarter. Curry would go on to make his fourth three pointer, but the power of the star player wouldn’t be long lived as he would turnover the ball, stolen by Irving. Smith assists to make layup as James completes with a dunk just one more time. With Curry’s pace slowing, Thompson would step up with back to back threes, improving to 3-9 from the three point line as he was 0-3 in the first. He would score 15 of the team’s 21 points in the quarter. It would prove to be enough to eliminate a large deficit as the Warriors only were down by nine going into the final 12 minutes of the night.

This was it, any plays or mistakes would make the difference on who leaves a winner. Back to back fight, with everything on the line. Threes not going unanswered or unmatched. Plays became more and more aggressive. But how do you know when the game is over? I guess you can say the game was officially over when King James displayed his force after a superior block on Curry’s layup definitely telling him not in my house with 4:32 remaining. Seconds later, Curry would foul out of the game after James draws the foul only for Curry to be ejected after “losing his cool,” and throwing mouthpiece at a fan. Even with a temper tantrum from the the league’s MVP, the Cavaliers still play the game to end and take the dub. James would once again finish with 41 points, and is now up to the seventh on the NBA Final’s all-time scoring list. The Cavaliers force game seven after clutch plays from James and Irving. They are still in the run to be the first time in the finals to come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a championship title. “Records were meant to be broken.”


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