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Warriors Dominate in Cleveland

Coming in from a major win in game three, it was hoped that the Cavaliers would once again win in Cleveland. But would it be likely that the Warriors would let game four slide through their fingers?

Unlike game four where the Cavaliers started the game with a nine point lead, they were unable to hold a lead as Harrison Barnes gave the Warriors their first three-pointer for the night, as Kyrie Irving and J.R. Smith followed behind giving the Cavaliers their first threes of the night. Even with the Cavaliers coming in hard and trying to solidify some type of lead the Warriors were not letting it happen. Stephen Curry would be 2-3 from the three point line, and Barnes would be 2 for 2 as they led over the Cavaliers 29-28 going into the second quarter.

In hopes of getting a nice rhythm set, Tristan Thompson seemed to once again dominate the offensive boards, with major hustle plays around the rim as he started with five rebounds. It did seem as if Lebron James wasn’t has present as he was in game three were he led the team in points. He seemed to be more focused on rebounds as he had five, five assists, and four major turnovers. With splash brothers, Curry and Klay Thompson coming into the second quarter dominating with three pointers, as the Warriors were shooting 53% percent. With Draymond Green not really putting points on the board, he was leading the team with eight rebounds. But it seemed to not be enough as the Cavaliers led over the Warriors 55-50 going into halftime.

Just as quickly as the Cavaliers gained a lead, is just as quickly as they lost it. Curry opened the third quarter with a three point jumper, improving to 6-11 from the line. James would follow suit and would answer with a three pointer of his own as he led with 10 rebounds, still following behind Irving who led with 27 points in the third. It would still not be enough, as the Splash brothers would take over, as Curry would led with 25 points with Thompson following behind with 21. What seemed as a game that the Cavaliers could come back and win, slowly faded away as the Warriors led 79-77 going in to the final quarter.

As the end grew near, it seemed as if the win was long gone. Cleveland was just unable to get the fire started as they had many answered unanswered points which came back to haunt them in the long run. The Golden State Warriors would defeat the Cavaliers 108-97, as Curry led the team with 38 points and six assists, as Green would led with 12 rebounds.

With game five back in Warriors territory, would the Cavaliers be able to win in Oakland and bring the series back to Cleveland?


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