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“We have to take a trip back to Cleveland, might as well come back with the win.”

Everything is on the line. Golden State Warriors led 3-1 in this finals series. Could they be reigning champions again beat the Cleveland Cavaliers even without the help of Draymond Green? Or would the Cavaliers take advantage and bring the series back to Cleveland?

Within seconds of the game starting, it already seemed that the Warriors had the mindset to dominate as Andre Iguodala opened with a major block and steal off Lebron James to make the first two point shot of the game. But those points won’t go unanswered as Kyrie Irving followed making his first three pointer for the night. Giving the rhythm for a very competitive game. Even with Irving setting a pace for the Cavaliers, the Warriors would try to put the nail in the coffin early in the game Cleveland would have three turnovers in two minutes.

Stephen Curry made his presence known, and create a lead with his first three, as Klay Thompson and Iguodala helped to keep the seven point lead going. Even with a lead, Cleveland was not giving up to easily as Lebron James and J.R. Smith racked up with back to back three pointers of their own to tie the game early in the first 21-21. But not for long as Leandro Barbosa followed with a three in order to give the Warriors back their lead. Early on, Curry would control the game leading with 10 points, followed by Thompson with eight, and Iguodala also with eight points and four rebounds to assist the 32-29 lead for Golden State.


The only way for the Cavaliers to go down is all guns blazing, as Richard Jefferson opened the second quarter with a layup and dunk, followed with another three pointer from Irving to give the Cavaliers a lead of 36-32 withing minutes. Although the lead would be hard to keep as Splash brothers would keep the Cavaliers under their thumb as they would shoot major threes all over the court. Cleveland lacked to control the game, and keep up good defense for the small pick and roll with major confusion on who’s defending who. Which allowed Thompson and Curry to slide in a make major plays. The game wouldn’t be over but it still showed to be a fight till the end with the game tied 61-61 at halftime.

11:41 into the third quarter, Irving’s opening drive results in a Cleveland lead only to be taken away with a 27- foot three point jumper from Curry. Nevertheless King James displays his power with a three of his own to gain control back of the game coupled with a three point jumper from Irving. Cavaliers would prevail over the Warriors with a 93-84 lead heading into the final 12 minutes of game five.

Even with Curry coming in to help reduce the lead deficit, he was no match to the powerhouse that is James and Irving as the two would dominate the fourth quarter. With 6:20 left in the game, it seemed to be score after score for Cleveland. There was no stopping them. Irving and James would both end the game with 41 points, to be the first teammates to score 40 plus in the same finals game, and lead the Cavaliers to a much needed 112-97 win over the Warriors.

The Cavaliers prove once again to never count them out as they force game six back in Cleveland, Ohio.

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