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Beauty Mentoring “Royal Tea Afternoon”


OnThaSpot! Attended the Beauty Mentoring Royal Tea Fundraiser

Hosted by Kim Roxie.

 The Founder/Executive Director, Sherrell Ogletree display a beautiful setting for the attendees.  “A Tea Party Fit For A Queen”  with tea, cupcakes, cookies and nicely cute figure sandwiches. With beauty flowers, bright colored wrapping and elegant table settings.  Many special people attended this fundraising event to help raise money for the girls presently and in the future of this program.  Flowers

Guest Speaker Houston own Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Event Honorees:

Ashley Turner – Community Trailblazer Award

Kandice Rose – Non- Profit Award “Pretty Girls With Cancer”

It was great speaking with them both of these wonderful women. lans in the making on both ends.


Beauty Mentoring -The purpose of the program is to pair Women Mentors with young ladies. Present and dressed in yellow were eight Pretty Young Ladies apart of the Beauty Mentoring program. Creating a safe and empowering environment and relationship with other women and girls. With the pressure of the world today, many girls are put through many challenges dealing with accepted, abuse, and neglect.  The Beauty Mentoring help young girls with dealing with these issues and more. These youth ladies are taught to respect and love themselves and others. The program provided workshops, training, and knowledge useful to these youth ladies.

For more information visit: www.beautymentoring.org



I would like to take a moment to speak about my favorite part of this event. Ms.Kandice Rose the Non-Profit Honoree her program is Called “Pretty Girls With Cancer.“   Kandice and Lizzie (A Friend of hers) can across the name of this foundation by simply joking around one day about there own cancer issues, the ladies ended up with the name of the program. They wished they had resources to help them feel beautiful.  Ms. Rose is a three timed cancer survivor, sadly Lizzie passed and didn’t get to see this wonderful outcome. Lizzie lost her battle at the age twenty –eight. Two months later, Ms.Rose launched this vision. Now they help girls nationwide feel beautiful and keep their confidence while they battle cancer.

For more information on the Pretty Girls With Cancer Foundation visit: Www.prettygirlswithcancer.com .

I really enjoyed listening to the speakers. Each person motivated me in some way. To Keep Pushing forward with your dreams. If you believe in them it will happen.  And to help others, you never know who could use a helping hand.

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Event Date 4-24-16                          Check back for more photos…

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