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Basketball Tryouts

Now that football season is over most schools basketball tryouts is this week! Are you trying out for your school team.  If so, be sure to do your best. Going for a certain position, most likely someone else is too.  Tryout can be difficult due to the pressure of impressing the coaches. But do your best and don’t give up.

How to be better prepared:

      1) Make sure you get your physical.

      2) Practice, Practice, Practice

      3) Don’t be late and join the team now!

  Now if you are just a fan, we know most people enjoy watching basketball. With players like Stephen Curry, Kobe and Labron the excitement and of major plays create trends.  Remember your school teams represent your school and they need you love and support.  Now there is other support to the school teams. You could join the cheer team, become the water boy or girl, or be on the sports medicine team. There is something for everyone.

    In my opinion it’s the best sport to play.


this is Steven sighing out…

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