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Homecoming DO’S AND DON’T

Homecoming is a big deal especially for 9th and 12th grade because its your first and last one. I’m here to give you the DOS AND DONT for homecoming, first guys because its shorter. Guys please DONT wear babyblue suits we all seen those movies and that one guy who looks tacky because he’s wearing the shiny baby blue suit . You can DO classic man blue, you know how Jidenna blue suit is that’s a good dark blue.  if you want to look clean and sharp DO the original black. then you could DO  grey any shade of gray is smooth and light ,but  DONT go for shiny it doesn’t look good .We all know if you don’t match you will not be getting that first slow dance you wanted, so you can DO the same color carnation/pocketsquare as her dress. now hair you can DO the slick back look that always look nice .you can always DO the simple casual where short at the bottom long at the top . I love the side part pompadour  you can try to  DO that look or the modern pompadour. please guys just DONT do your everyday hairstyle. now shoes DONT wear Jordans I know they’re cool but not for a dance. DO wear classic shoes because again this is a dance .Now the only thing left is to buy your date a corsage make sure it match her dress and you’re all set

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